CWJJ Ep 154 - CGA Live: Part 1

Episode 154 April 24, 2023 01:11:37
CWJJ Ep 154 - CGA Live: Part 1
Coffee With Jim & James
CWJJ Ep 154 - CGA Live: Part 1

Apr 24 2023 | 01:11:37


Hosted By

James Cross Jim Schauer

Show Notes

Tag along with Jim and James as they meet and greet some great people the first day of the Common Ground Alliance conference in 2023. 

Watch along as they chat with these great guests:

Cole Vanderlick of Louisiana 811

Sean Cloghessy of Planet Underground

Zach Harris of Southern Company Pipelines

Allen Gray of Associated General Contractors of America

M.G. Govia of Okie811

Louis Panzer of North Carolina 811

Debbie Shelley of Global Training Center

Rusty Poore from CenterPoint Energy of Indiana

Craig Ingram of Tennessee 811

Chuck Muller of Metronet


Watch along as the guys chat about damage prevention, operator qualification, and all things safety. #CWJJ #CoffeeWithJimAndJames

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